Dr. Cara MacMullin ND

My career is a close second to my family role as a Mom to 3 super cute humans and partner to my husband. I’ve been fortunate to have a varied and successful career through a lot of hard work, dedication and wonderful opportunities.

I spent the first 10 years of my practice working in downtown Toronto, before moving to Durham and then the Peterborough area. I’ve practiced in an integrative medical clinic, integrative fertility clinic, and a busy naturopathic clinic focusing in hormonal and metabolic health. This varied experience built the foundation of my practice today. I love connecting with people and helping them achieve optimal health with an evidence-based and thoughtful, supportive approach..

What sort of health concerns do I treat? Well essentially most things from acute to chronic, to health optimization and preventative care. The areas of practice that have naturally evolved to become my passions either through personal or practical experience include perimenopause and menopause support, fertility, pre and postpartum care, children’s health from sleep issues to tummy troubles, ADHD (in both children and adults), and metabolic/endocrine health from PCOS to thyroid disorders..

I’m fortunate enough to call the Peterborough Centre of Naturopathic Medicine my professional home. A supportive and collectively amazing group of practitioners 🤍